乔尔·拉特纳 ——董事会主席



乔尔·拉特纳是社区发展和智能增长顾问.  在启动乔尔·拉特纳 Community Partnership之前,Mr. Ratner served for ten years as President and CEO of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, a local community development funding intermediary with over thirty years of experience 投资ing in community revitalization 工作 in the City of Cleveland. Cleveland Neighborhood Progress 工作s to accomplish its vision for all of Cleveland’s neighborhoods to be attractive, 在充满活力的社区里,人们的收入各不相同, 比赛, 和代茁壮成长, 繁荣, 选择生活, 学习, 工作, 投资, 和玩耍. 在加入克利夫兰社区进步中心之前, 拉特纳曾是雷蒙德·约翰·威纳基金会的主席, 全面推进马宏宁流域. 在此之前, 拉特纳是克利夫兰基金会社区det365手机版项目的负责人, which provides small grants to neighborhood groups 工作ing to improve their communities.

电子邮件: JRatner@GALACleveland.org | 电话: (216) 315-7942

米歇尔·斯科特·泰勒,EdD -董事会副主席



Dr. Michele Scott Taylor is the Chief Program Officer at College Now Greater Cleveland and provides strategic leadership for the organization’s programmatic efforts, including school- and community-based advising programs as well as federal programs. Her previous role as Coordinator of Access and Retention at John Carroll University focused on college access and retention.  Michele has spent most of her professional career in higher education administration in a myriad of student affairs and academic affairs roles.  Michele也是Global Learning Solutions的首席执行官和负责人, a small consulting firm she started in an effort to provide cultural competency development, 项目评估, 项目和提案开发, grant writing and organizational development assistance to small businesses and non-profit organizations.  She received two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Akron majoring in Political Science, 社会学, 和法国.  She earned a Master of Education degree from Kent State University specializing in College Student Personnel as well as Doctor of Education degree from the University of Pittsburgh with a concentration in Administrative and Policy Studies.  在社区, 米歇尔以在进步艺术联盟董事会任职而自豪, a non-profit that inspires students to reach their full potential by providing unique and relevant 学习ing experiences using contemporary arts and 21st century media. 她也是Delta Sigma Theta姐妹会的成员之一., a social service organization whose purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world.

电子邮件: MScottTaylor@GALACleveland.org | 电话: (216) 315-7942

燕凌 ——董事会秘书



燕凌 is an IT Project Manager and Scrum Master at the Progressive Corporation, 在企业项目中领导多学科团队.  在此之前,严做了16年的网络应用程序员. 作为一个移民儿童,我经历了语言的浸入, Yan对多语言教育充满热情. Yan holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science from Case Western Reserve University.

电子邮件: YLing@GALACleveland.org | 电话: (216) 315-7942

黛博拉Stipkovich ——董事会财务主管



Debbie Stipkovich is a Senior Audit Strategist at KeyBank managing large audits focusing on the Corporate Treasury Department.  She has had several roles at KeyBank including over 10 years preparing regulatory submissions and risk assessments on Treasury functions as well as 工作ing with banking regulators.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from John Carroll University and holds an Ohio CPA license and a CFA Charter.

电子邮件: DStipkovich@GALACleveland.org | 电话: (216) 315-7942

克里斯汀收购方 ——董事会成员


Ms. 伊迪在西区市场担任市场经理, and prior to that 工作ed for the Urban Conservancy in New Orleans and as a planner for the City of San Antonio. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Tulane University and a Master of Urban Planning, 设计 & Development degree from Cleveland State University’s Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

电子邮件: CEadie@GALACleveland.org | 电话: (216) 315-7942

贝利Capelle ——董事会成员



工作经验包括管理12个具有ODE的21个cclc, 5个Rec. 克利夫兰市的中心项目, and 25+ Starting Point Programs in MyCom Neighborhoods to training the 40+ employees who support those programs; from managing a $2.5 million+ annual budget to writing curriculum in math, grammar, reading, writing, and college & career research; from grant writing to evaluation and compliance management; from running data audits to composing analytical reports. Involvement with a variety of locations across Greater Cleveland in urban and suburban settings: 15+ community centers, 25 +库, 7个学区的15多所高中. Extensive research experience at the master’s level in the fields of literature and business.  热爱组织行为, 领导力发展, 商业及教育政策, 教学, 和培训.

电子邮件: BCapelle@GALACleveland.org | 电话: (216) 315-7942

Sarah Gelsomino -董事会成员


Sarah Gelsomino是Friedman and Gilbert的合伙人. 在加入公司之前, 莎拉是人民律师事务所的合伙人, 芝加哥一家民权律师事务所, 伊利诺斯州. 莎拉主要从事民权案件, 包括警察和政府的不当行为, 尤其是代表那些被杀害的人, 残酷, 性侵犯, 被执法机关非法搜查或逮捕. 她还致力于第一修正案的诉讼, 刑事辩护, and representing incarcerated people in post-conviction proceedings and in challenging the conditions of their confinement.  萨拉获得了许多奖项和认可, including the Next Gen Award of the Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, 德保罗精神奖, 公益法律协会奖学金, 卡利奖, 她被命名为索南沙因学者.

电子邮件: SGelsomino@GALACleveland.org | 电话: (216) 315-7942

Matthew Grimes -董事会成员

多元化,公平的主管 & 包容-克利夫兰守护者
教育政策硕士 & 哈佛大学管理,

马特·格莱姆斯是多样性的负责人, 股本, 以及克利夫兰守护者棒球组织. 在这个角色, Matt is charged with developing and implementing strategies to foster a more inclusive organizational culture that prioritizes a strong sense of belonging for both employees and fans. 在加入守护者之前, Matt spent over a decade in education as a classroom teacher and school systems leader in Ohio, 纽约, 和马萨诸塞州. 战略思想家和发人深省的推动者, Matt的激情是为了保证高质量的工作, 文化精通, 各级多样化的员工队伍. Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and International Studies from Siena College and earned his Master’s Degree from the Harvard Graduate Schools of Education. 前美国富布赖特学者和为美国而教校友, 马特研究和观察了三个不同大洲的社会不平等现象, 十几个国家, 近30美元.年代州.

电子邮件: MGrimes@GALACleveland.org | 电话: (216) 315-7942

蒂芙尼莱特 ——董事会成员



蒂芙尼R. Wright is Assistant General Counsel in Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s Office of Legal Affairs where she strives to assist the Authority to achieve its mission of creating safe, 质量, affordable housing opportunities and improving the 质量 of life for the community. 在她现在的职位之前, 蒂芙尼作为单独执业律师执业, 代表不同领域的客户, 包括国内的关系, 在少年法庭担任诉讼监护人. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and African American Studies from the University of Virginia where she developed her passion for 工作ing as an advocate for families, 尤其是儿童.

电子邮件: TWright@GALACleveland.org | 电话: (216) 315-7942

玛格丽特·W. 黄 -名誉董事会成员

阿尔伯特·B. 拉特纳-名誉董事会成员


GALA正在寻找具有多种技能和经验的专业人士, 包括小学和中学教育, 筹款, 法律, 市场营销, 建设, 房地产, 加入我们充满活力的董事会. 居住在克利夫兰市的个人尤其受欢迎.

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